Learn About Erectile Dysfunction And Its Treatment

Sexual dysfunction is a kind of sexual problem that is usually caused by diabetes, high cholesterol level, heart disease and high blood pressure. Before discussing its solution, we must know what erectile dysfunction is. Well, sexual dysfunction does not allow an impotent man to get prolong erection at the time of sexual pleasure. The penis of a normal does have the ability to become erect at this stage unlike the impotent man. How the flaccid penis becomes erect at the sexual excitement stage? This question has become very common in people and they want to know its answer. Erection directly depends upon the flow of blood from the arteries or veins of the body. When the blood flow becomes high, the penis gets erection and when the blood flow becomes normal, the penis becomes flaccid. The blood flow through blood vessels increases due to many reasons. It increases when the man is sexually excited and want to have sex. In this case, the blood flow increases to make penis erect and prepares the male for intercourse. Blood flow also increases through the body when the male does something wrong with his penis. He moves his hand up and down of the penis which give him sexual pleasure and make the penis erect. This activity is usually called as masturbation of men.

The case of an impotent is quite different. The biological system of impotent male is not working properly that is why he is not able to get erection. What is wrong with the biological system of impotent? Well, it has been noticed that the over blood flow through the body is dependent on an enzyme that is responsible for any change in blood flow. If this enzyme is activated with the help of any medicine, then the impotent person will also be able to have sex with his erected penis. Now people will ask if there is any medicine available for this purpose. Yes there is, and its name is Vardenafil. Basically, vardenafil is the generic name of well known medicine Levitra that is the best solution of erectile dysfunction. You can purchase Levitra in Australia online with best quality at a discounted price.  Doctors highly suggest this medicine to use according to the prescription. This medicine carries a lot of side effects if it is not used according to professional doctor’s recommendation. Normally, its low dose is prescribed to use to the patients so that no side effect is taken by the users. Lower dose does not create much difficulty for the user and has the ability to give a prolong erection. Some people do not give importance to the prescription of their doctor and start using high dose of Levitra to maintain their erection for longer time. It is a very wrong thinking of people regarding the use of Levitra medicine. Such people should read the names of severe side effects caused by Levitra before doing this. Doctors know what is better for your health and what is not. You should try to follow their advice.