Sexual health Vs Impotence

There are several sexual problems due to which a healthy person can lose his sexual health. The better way is to avoid all those causes which can cause sexual problems. Talking about the causes of sexual problems, following health issues come in front of us due to which a person can become impotent or can lose his sexual health. In these causes heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, liver and kidney problems are prominent. A person who is willing to avoid sexual problems must avoid these causes otherwise it will be difficult to handle a problem at extreme stage. High blood pressure and diabetes are some of those health issues which have become very common in people because of their carelessness. Diabetes is also caused by too much mental stress so we can also blame depression for sexual problem. You may have noticed that the person does not feel better when he is depressed and at this situation he cannot have sex like a healthy person. Even at that time, he cannot get penile erection which is very important to start sexual intercourse. Let us talk about the sexual problems which are experienced by men and women.

Have you ever heard about erectile dysfunction or sexual dysfunction which is quite common in men? Almost 2 out of 10 people are experiencing this sexual problem at any stage. Majority of people do not know how to deal with this problem and what are its causes. This is because of less awareness in people regarding sexual problems. Government should play positive role in order to decrease the number of patient suffering from sexual problems. They can use electronic and print media to create awareness in people and it is obvious that significant reduction in number will be seen after this step. People should also spend some of their time in order to understand these problems because it becomes very difficult to handle the situation when one is experiencing this problem. Basically, the affected person of erectile dysfunction cannot do sexual intercourse because he is unable to get penile hardness and erection for longer time. Without getting penile erection, the man cannot enjoy the sex the way he should. In a normal sexual intercourse activity, the man enters his stiffed penis inside the vagina of woman and enjoys the sex with her. Since the patient of erectile dysfunction has flaccid penis so he will not be able to enter his penis and the sexual intercourse will not start. If a person wants to have sex when he is suffering from this problem, then he will have to take medicines available in market for erectile dysfunction. It is better to consult with a professional doctor first to know the health condition and then using medicine after confirmation. After examining the health, doctor will prescribe that medicine which will be according to his fitness level. Moreover, taking the right dose is also important. Use of heavy dose in order to increase the time of erection is useless because it will only cause side effects.