What Is The Basis Of Your Happiness?

Look at the world around you. Everybody is busy. People do not have any time to stop and look at nature, to admire the beauty around them or to even ask themselves if they are happy. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere. Ask anyone for time and they are likely to consult their tabs or planners to look at their appointments and tell you that they can set aside time for you after a while. This is the fact. There are many who are always jet setting and globetrotting. It has become normal for people to live out of their suitcase. With more and more businesses and Organizations going global, it has become normal for people to travel from one country to another frequently to conduct their business.

Gainful employment opportunities are so many today and people have changed their perspective with regard to their career planning. Nobody is willing to stay put and serve at one organization all their lives. It is not only normal for people to jump companies and jobs every few years, the concept of having multiple careers all through one’s lifetime has come in changing the way men look at their career paths. Earlier on men were focused on doing their jobs right and growing with the Organization. Today career planning and career growth occupies the major focus of men.

In pursuit of career goals, men and women have begun to give up the security of their homes and delegate their duties of looking after children and follow their jobs overseas. The number of westerners living alone and migrating to eastern especially east Asian cities has increased tremendously in the recent times.

Having increasing disposable incomes, people automatically increase their standard of living without realizing that they are getting into a vicious circle. This is like catching a tiger by the tail. To maintain and keep up the standard of living one needs to keep increasing one’s earnings and there is no respite.

Many men begin to hit a low and go into depression in their fifties. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. The increasing insecurity of redundancy as well as sitting on the bench are the most common fear factors for men. Those who have a steady job and career growth too are found to suddenly face hurdles in their fifties. Physically men go through andropause at this stage which signals the reduction of male hormone testosterone in the body. The reduction of male hormone induces depression as well as loss of muscle mass and consequent energy and vigor as well. The body loses its vitality and begins to sag. Psychologically too, the hormonal imbalance causes depression, anxiety and loss of confidence as well. Consequently the individual begins to lag behind in terms of his overall energy levels which affects his performance at work too. Professionally at this stage the individual finds it difficult to grow and climb the ladder further. As it gets narrower at the top, the opportunities for growth are fewer and one’s career begins to stagnate for a while before beginning to regress.

Those who are able to look ahead of their times, watch others and avoid the pitfall will be able to sail through this phase of life and come out trouble free. Majority of the people end up taking wrong decisions with respect to their careers and many even quit their jobs and invest all of their savings to start their own business. Unless one is equipped to do well in business, the chances of failing are more and the individuals end up getting into more mess in life.

It is always advisable to keep the perspective about money and material things very clear. The best is to maintain a basic minimum and comfortable standard of living that doesn’t change despite changing income levels. The basis of one’s happiness should not be dependent upon material things but on human values and loving relationships.